Spring is here and I’m super excited to start gardening all over again. I lost a few plants last winter but overall, I’m happy that most are healthy and already leafing out. And with the beauty comes the ugly and bad. The screaming, yelling and eyes-rolling are part of my gardening life as well. 👀🥴 Tons of it.  Weeds everywhere. Ugh. 

But before writing about spring hopes, beauty, rose scents, prickles, mosquitoes, Japanese Beetles, and aphids ( let’s not pretend gardening is just wonderful things 😵‍💫😵🤐🤐) – I want to acknowledge God, to allow me another season of health.


On January 3, 2022, I had a routine mammogram and a very small mass was discovered in my right breast. The technicians and the doctor were really nice and kept me calm, saying it was probably a cyst, however they should act with caution and keep their eyes on it just in case. Well, this is already scary information, because nobody wants go to a mammogram and hear “it’s probably nothing but let’s keep our eyes on it”. 

So, literally a month later, February 7, 2022, I had another scheduled X-ray of my right breast. They found something that should not be there and decided to take me to a different room for 3D Digital Mammograms, because it generates high-quality images from various angles. This results in more accurate results and a less frequent need to retake a mammography.
I was laying on the bed and the technician took her time fully examining my right breast. She took several pictures and there it was.  Something.  But too small.
The Doctor come and did the mammogram on me to confirm the mass in my breast. She was super nice but I remember crying like a baby. Who wants to hear there is something in your breast, even though it is probably benign?

I remember like it was yesterday asking if they could remove it.  If it’s that small, why not remove while still tiny? Why taking a chance allowing  it grow?
She said for something that small to be removed, it would mean more damage than good.


So, now I had an appointment scheduled in the next 6 months, September 29th, 2022.
And I did the X-ray and the ultrasound and everything was the same as before. No change. The mass was still  there. The size and shape was absolutely the same. It appeared on the X-Ray exam and the ultrasound. And it was clear as day.  So, I had another appointment scheduled in the next 3 months.  I got sick to my stomach. 

December 20th, 2022 I had another follow up and 2 mammograms, and the mass was not only there but had grown. And it was irregular in shape and not looking good. Then they decided to do a biopsy.  The doctor seemed concerned. 
I was immediately taken to the nurse who scheduled biopsies. She explained all the process to me. She said they would mark it with a small pin in the area the doctor would remove. And then send it to be analyzed.


I cried because I thought about my 8 years old daughter. And I know cancer is not a joke or something to be taken lightly.

I talked with God then and I think about God every single second of my life. I ask God to guide me and hold my hands and always lead me to His direction.

I wasn’t scared to die, but honestly, to leave my daughter and husband alone. All of the sudden a random number crossed my mind— a number 4.

I decided to fast for 4 days. Nothing but water and coffee. I had fasted for Christ once before.
I  didn’t have a single drop of coffee for 3 months. It was my first time fasting. I chose coffee because I was really addicted to it. And I wanted to sacrifice for Him, because He sacrificed for me.

My first week without coffee was horrible, but after that I felt His presence on this journey with me. I really felt He was supporting me. 2 weeks without coffee I was fine and well. Amazingly, I did 3 months without having any caffeine. I could go longer without it, but the promise was just 3 months.

So based on my previous experience, I knew I could do it because He is faithful . I did not want fast to exchange favors with Him. I fasted  because I loved Him and I wanted to show Him how grateful I am to have Him as my father in Heaven.   If He wanted to Grace me, it is up to Him. But I wanted to fast because I felt an urge that I never felt before.

So I did fast food for 4 days. My husband was impressed. And again, He is amazing. I love food, but throughout those 4 days I was fine and the time flew. 🙏😂. 

January 10, 2023 I went back for the biopsy. The nurse went through the procedure with me again. Saying my breast may be bruised and all. So she did the Ultrasound for 30 minutes. I’m not kidding. She was putting gel On my breast, Taking pictures. And after all, the doctor come. He did the same. And then he said “the mass is gone. There is nothing in your breast. Nothing to resemble the previous exams that you HAVE DONE FOR A YEAR. I can NOT do a biopsy because I can’t see anything there!”
So we have to schedule an MRI just to make sure, since you had this mass for a year and it has grown but now disappeared


Okay… How could it disappear exactly on the DAY OF THE BIOPSY???? This mass wasn’t there for a month. I have had this mass for OVER A YEAR and when they were going to
do a procedure it was gone. Exactly on THAT DAY

For a non-believer it can be just a stricken of luck. But for me it is the power of prayer and most important HIS GRACE AND LOVE.

On April 12, 2023 I went for a Bilateral MRI on both of my breasts, and nothing was found.


I don’t know what other people would think about events like this, but to me, I call it Jesus and He keeps operating miracles. By Him and many many times using the Doctor’s hands as His instruments. But seeing this, we should all remove the scales from inside our eyes.  I love You Jesus!