Creating my garden.

My love for flowers started in my mid 20s when I was living in Seattle, WA.

For 8 years I lived with a lovely lady who had one of the most beautiful front yard gardens in Wallingford.  I used to go outside the house and be enchanted with the variety of colors and shapes of the flowers. Living in a condo through my entire life, I never heard or seen a bi-color rose until then though.

I can still smell the perfume that each released—even 6 years later.  Their shapes were always unique and intriguing.  I would wonder how a flower that comes from the same branch be so different from the others?  So much variety.  I never grew tired of admiring her yard, or of discovering new things or different blossoms.

Since a garden is a living thing, it evolves every single minute. For better or for worse.  Therefore every day was an adventure for me.  Sometimes my friend would invite me to help with the yard work, which I always gladly accepted. Always enjoyed being outdoors.  Feeling the breeze, drinking a glass of iced lemonade, and working in something of my interest was always pleasant. At the end of the day, it was always a great workout as well.  I always thought gardening was a better activity than staying being inside a gym. I could work out longer, be happier, be more productive, and tan—all at the same time.

A mere 15 minutes’ walk from there was the Woodland Park Rose!  My goodness!  To this day I cannot forget about those beautiful, manicured, professionally done rose beds.  Every single bed had roses trimmed at the same height. The yard design was impeccable.   It was and incredible Tsunami of colors that assaulted my soul.  It was an overdose of beauty that blew me away.  Right there I knew the meaning of  paradise and heaven.   Bees, birds, insects, people, smiles, colors and sweet floral aromas.

I remember praying to God and dreaming that one day I could be blessed with a beautiful garden of my own.

Years later, when I moved in to Chateau Pinacho, I spent hours looking at several nurseries and selecting plants. My first two rose bushes were Joseph Coat and Zephirine Drouhin.


Since then, it has become my obsession, and now I have over 180 different kinds of rose bushes.  A lovely sight, but extraneous job to water this amount of plants in the summer season. In the first years I had to spend 5 hours every other day watering the roses by hand just using a hose.  When my daughter started taking less and less naps, watering the plants become a almost impossible task.

In 2017 I almost lost all my roses due a severe drough in July. I didn’t have choice, but to put an irrigation system through all the flowers bed.

Well, if someone told me 6 years ago that I would have a small rose garden in my back/ front yard, I would not believe back then.   Every morning I look through my kitchen window and smile.

For me, it’s a combination of prayers, blessings, miracles, achievement, gratification and hard work.   The beauty and the peace those flowers give to me, floods my heart with joy.  It’s a pleasure that I can’t get enough of. It’s always developing and getting better and better.

Even though I consider myself a rose collector, I have recently started to open my mind to different kinds of plants and flowers.



Buying the house

I always dreamed of a decent backyard home and, more importantly, give my daughter a place where she could have a childhood.

I grew up in a time where kids would get together outdoors and ride bikes, play volleyball, climb trees, swim and do other outdoor activities.


One day, my husband and I were driving around Hagerstown and we were mesmerized by so many gorgeous homes sitting on big sized lots.

We saw a beautiful house with a for-sale sign in the front yard. It was a beautiful brick Victorian home, with large columns and a pretty large front yard.

I was so excited with the idea of owing a home, that I left the car and knocked at the door. No one answered and i peeked on the window just for a couple seconds.  That little tease through the window was more than enough to make me fall in love with it.


When i started to make my way back to my car, the owner of the house arrived and asked me if she could help.  I explained that i saw the sale sign on her lawn and me and my husband were interested.   She said the house was already under contract but she would gladly walk us through, just in case something happens.


The home was absolutely gorgeous.  Beautiful woodwork throughout the entire house. I don't even remember how many fireplaces, but I know I saw one in every different room.  the basement was finished and it was a completely different house inside the same house. The backyard was big and I started visualizing the type of plants I could have there.  And through the entire house tour, between Wow, Wowzas, Ahhh, Ohhh,  the entire time i was thinking "this is my dream house for sure!"

Two weeks later my husband called the lady and she advised us the house had sold, and my heart sank.


Couple weeks later we were driving around Hagerstown on the same street again, and my mind was blown with so much beauty.  All I could think was "People who live in such houses are so blessed!!"  and my thoughts were frozen  when my husband yelled "Look at that house! And its for sale!"

My eyes glowed while I stared in disbelief.   That house was enchanted. It looked like something we would see in a Disney movie.

I knew in my heart that house was going to be mine. Its hard to explain, but my heart was beating so fast for all my excitement.


I asked my husband to knock at the door and ask the owner if she could give us a tour.  A young man opened the door and in a very polite and friendly way told us to call the broker and provide the bank approval. Needless to say, as soon as my husband was back in the car, he was already calling.

I couldn't sleep until the day of the showing, and i could not sleep until the day of the closing. Sometimes I cant believe I live here.

This place is better than any dream that i have ever had. Its truly a doll house.  Its not a mansion and its not small as an egg. its just perfect. The right size. I love the way the house is designed. Very warm and cozy. Every room is very distinct without being huge or fancy.

Of course, every day I am thankful for the neighbors who bought the other house before us.  My house suits us perfectly, and its so much better than my dream home. In fact i never ever thought i would one day own a house like mine. Now i understand the meaning of home sweet home. God is good!!


About the Pinacho Family

I, Janaina, am a 41 year old Brazilian mom of a 5 year old.

I have many passions, including gardening, flowers, scents, historical houses, and interior decorating. I used to be big on travel. In the USA, I have been to AK, AZ, CA, FL, GA, HI, ID, IA, ME, MD, MT, NV, NH, NJ, NY, OR, PA, SC, UT, VA, WA, WV, WY, VT.   Outside USA, I have been in Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Caribbean, of course Brazil, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Hong Kong, South Korea, Egypt, Italy, Portugal, France, Monaco, Ireland, And Holland.

I do believe traveling makes us grow as a human being and that  it is something  that can not be taken away from us. I believe every time we travel is a life time learning experience.


I am married with a native New Yorker, born-and-bred in Brooklyn.  My husband is a former NYC prosecutor, lawyer and veteran. I could not be more proud of him!  On the weekends,  he is a grill master, carpenter, handyman, and a babysitter.



We share love for protein shakes, mountains, lakes, working-out, movies, sunrises and sunsets, family gathering, world history, Old homes, especially  the Victorian ones.  What we like to do the most is sip a cup of coffee in our backyard, and let the sun kiss our skin and hear the cardinals sing.


I’m never bored and I dont have time to do all my hobbies.