My testimony about something very personal

Spring is here and I’m super excited to start gardening all over again. I lost a few plants last winter but overall, I’m happy that most are healthy and already leafing out. And with the beauty comes the ugly and bad. The screaming, yelling and eyes-rolling are part of my gardening life as well. 👀🥴 Tons of it.  Weeds everywhere. Ugh. 

But before writing about spring hopes, beauty, rose scents, prickles, mosquitoes, Japanese Beetles, and aphids ( let’s not pretend gardening is just wonderful things 😵‍💫😵🤐🤐) - I want to acknowledge God, to allow me another season of health.


On January 3, 2022, I had a routine mammogram and a very small mass was discovered in my right breast. The technicians and the doctor were really nice and kept me calm, saying it was probably a cyst, however they should act with caution and keep their eyes on it just in case. Well, this is already scary information, because nobody wants go to a mammogram and hear “it’s probably nothing but let’s keep our eyes on it”. 

So, literally a month later, February 7, 2022, I had another scheduled X-ray of my right breast. They found something that should not be there and decided to take me to a different room for 3D Digital Mammograms, because it generates high-quality images from various angles. This results in more accurate results and a less frequent need to retake a mammography.
I was laying on the bed and the technician took her time fully examining my right breast. She took several pictures and there it was.  Something.  But too small.
The Doctor come and did the mammogram on me to confirm the mass in my breast. She was super nice but I remember crying like a baby. Who wants to hear there is something in your breast, even though it is probably benign?

I remember like it was yesterday asking if they could remove it.  If it’s that small, why not remove while still tiny? Why taking a chance allowing  it grow?
She said for something that small to be removed, it would mean more damage than good.


So, now I had an appointment scheduled in the next 6 months, September 29th, 2022.
And I did the X-ray and the ultrasound and everything was the same as before. No change. The mass was still  there. The size and shape was absolutely the same. It appeared on the X-Ray exam and the ultrasound. And it was clear as day.  So, I had another appointment scheduled in the next 3 months.  I got sick to my stomach. 

December 20th, 2022 I had another follow up and 2 mammograms, and the mass was not only there but had grown. And it was irregular in shape and not looking good. Then they decided to do a biopsy.  The doctor seemed concerned. 
I was immediately taken to the nurse who scheduled biopsies. She explained all the process to me. She said they would mark it with a small pin in the area the doctor would remove. And then send it to be analyzed.


I cried because I thought about my 8 years old daughter. And I know cancer is not a joke or something to be taken lightly.

I talked with God then and I think about God every single second of my life. I ask God to guide me and hold my hands and always lead me to His direction.

I wasn’t scared to die, but honestly, to leave my daughter and husband alone. All of the sudden a random number crossed my mind— a number 4.

I decided to fast for 4 days. Nothing but water and coffee. I had fasted for Christ once before.
I  didn’t have a single drop of coffee for 3 months. It was my first time fasting. I chose coffee because I was really addicted to it. And I wanted to sacrifice for Him, because He sacrificed for me.

My first week without coffee was horrible, but after that I felt His presence on this journey with me. I really felt He was supporting me. 2 weeks without coffee I was fine and well. Amazingly, I did 3 months without having any caffeine. I could go longer without it, but the promise was just 3 months.

So based on my previous experience, I knew I could do it because He is faithful . I did not want fast to exchange favors with Him. I fasted  because I loved Him and I wanted to show Him how grateful I am to have Him as my father in Heaven.   If He wanted to Grace me, it is up to Him. But I wanted to fast because I felt an urge that I never felt before.

So I did fast food for 4 days. My husband was impressed. And again, He is amazing. I love food, but throughout those 4 days I was fine and the time flew. 🙏😂. 

January 10, 2023 I went back for the biopsy. The nurse went through the procedure with me again. Saying my breast may be bruised and all. So she did the Ultrasound for 30 minutes. I’m not kidding. She was putting gel On my breast, Taking pictures. And after all, the doctor come. He did the same. And then he said “the mass is gone. There is nothing in your breast. Nothing to resemble the previous exams that you HAVE DONE FOR A YEAR. I can NOT do a biopsy because I can’t see anything there!”
So we have to schedule an MRI just to make sure, since you had this mass for a year and it has grown but now disappeared


Okay… How could it disappear exactly on the DAY OF THE BIOPSY???? This mass wasn’t there for a month. I have had this mass for OVER A YEAR and when they were going to
do a procedure it was gone. Exactly on THAT DAY

For a non-believer it can be just a stricken of luck. But for me it is the power of prayer and most important HIS GRACE AND LOVE.

On April 12, 2023 I went for a Bilateral MRI on both of my breasts, and nothing was found.


I don’t know what other people would think about events like this, but to me, I call it Jesus and He keeps operating miracles. By Him and many many times using the Doctor’s hands as His instruments. But seeing this, we should all remove the scales from inside our eyes.  I love You Jesus! 

Pinacho’ Compound

  •  Just realized that my last post was written 4 years ago and today I have the desire to write a little about some news. Well, not so new news.

My daughter is at a church’ summer camp as I write, and I am thinking about my life and Jesus Christ inconditional love for all of us.

Last year a huge miracle happened.
And I’m sure The Lord was behind it 1000%

We bought the two contiguous properties next door to our house and it happened out of the blue.

We didn’t have any plans and we were not expecting to buy any property any time soon.
In fact because of Covid we were trying very hard to save money for some eventual future disaster.

Anyway, originally our property was built on 1-1/2 acres. And the entire land was surounded by this massive stone wall, the highest part of which is about 8 feet.


In about the 1950s, the Doctor who had bought the house subdivided the property into 5 city lots and sold 3 lots to complete strangers.

In the 1980s, a developer built two buildings--one on each of the 2 properties we bought last year.

Each building is a duplex, and the downstairs apartments mirror the upstairs. Each apartment is about 1300 sf.


The lot facing East was bought from one neighbor who lives across the alley who ended up reselling to the folks we bought our house from. 

When we bought the house, my husband and I used to play about buying everything again, and unifying all the land. However, it was just playful fantasizing. It would be impossible since it would be crazy expensive and unlikely, since the buildings had two different owners. So why bother?

Years went by, and we kept playing/saying,
“-How amazing it would be if we could reclaim all this land together once again”,
“- Can you imagine if we could have the entire stone wall ?“

We would laugh and move on to a different, more realistic subject; family and pets ❤️








Last April, 2021 my husband was polishing his car in the driveway when the neighbor approached him, and introduced himself as the landlord of the building next door to us and offered to sell the place.

We have been in the house since 2013, and 7 years later we finally met the neighbor for the first time ever.

He was direct and to the point, and said he was ready to retire and move to Florida to live a simple life by the ocean fishing and because of that dream of his, he wanted to get rid of everything he owned in Maryland.

So he said he was thinking of putting the building on the market but first wanted to talk to us, and see if we had interest.

He said he had tried knocking on the front door a couple days before, but apparently no one was home.

And now he saw my husband outside and saw it as an opportunity to ask if we had any interest in his property.
This happened at a time where houses and buildings in my neighborhood were selling like hot cakes. Houses behind mine was on the market and had 11 offers at the same time and were being sold above the asking price.

Why this man took his time and put effort in waiting to ask us? We were not friends.
He could have put his building on the market and had a closed deal soon after.

But he waited for ask us first. He was committed to giving us a chance before looking for a broker.

I have an answer. God, my Lord Jesus Christ.

He hears and knows the desires of our heart before we even ask and talk to Him.
He heard our jokes and probably He laughed and chuckled because He already wanted to give that to us. And He is good. He loves to amuse us. I am not suggesting that The Lord gives luxuries to His children, but for whatever reason, He sometimes chooses to grace us. We certainly do not deserve His grace or favor. And yet there it is. Overwhelming. We hope to always use what He provides to help others and to advance His Kingdom.

A month or 2 later, the second property--the farthest from our home--was also sold to us.

God is amazing and He is kind, and generous and wonderful. If the building by the wall was the first one to be on the market, we would never give it a thought. Just because what is the point of buying a building if there is another building between the main house and the second one?

What are the odds that two buildings from different owners would be for sale practically at the same time?

Despite all the odds, we were able to unify/ recover all the 5 city lots once again, as it was originally planned as in 1895.  
And  for my delight, I have more space to gardening. 😬

The wood fence that was dividing the property lines was removed and transformed/ recycled/ reused in an beautiful horizontal fence.


I planted 13 fruit trees, including apple, pears, plums, peach trees. Several Hydrangeas Panyculadas, Hydrangea Trees, and few Japanese Maple trees.



         The Squirrels are partying hard and fattening up around here too! 

Of course I had to have some more roses.🤗 I’m happy.

And now since I gained more space I planted my favorite tree in the world.  2 Salix Babylonica Green Weeping Willow Trees.  Yep!  Im brave.  So many people say those trees are messy and very brittle, but to me they look so Victorian, and magical when fully grown.  So, it totally worth the risks though. 

I’m very happy. I’m also busy. God is good.

The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul.

Creating my garden.

My love for flowers started in my mid 20s when I was living in Seattle, WA.

For 8 years I lived with a lovely lady who had one of the most beautiful front yard gardens in Wallingford.  I used to go outside the house and be enchanted with the variety of colors and shapes of the flowers. Living in a condo through my entire life, I never heard or seen a bi-color rose until then though.

I can still smell the perfume that each released—even 6 years later.  Their shapes were always unique and intriguing.  I would wonder how a flower that comes from the same branch be so different from the others?  So much variety.  I never grew tired of admiring her yard, or of discovering new things or different blossoms.

Since a garden is a living thing, it evolves every single minute. For better or for worse.  Therefore every day was an adventure for me.  Sometimes my friend would invite me to help with the yard work, which I always gladly accepted. Always enjoyed being outdoors.  Feeling the breeze, drinking a glass of iced lemonade, and working in something of my interest was always pleasant. At the end of the day, it was always a great workout as well.  I always thought gardening was a better activity than staying being inside a gym. I could work out longer, be happier, be more productive, and tan—all at the same time.

A mere 15 minutes’ walk from there was the Woodland Park Rose!  My goodness!  To this day I cannot forget about those beautiful, manicured, professionally done rose beds.  Every single bed had roses trimmed at the same height. The yard design was impeccable.   It was and incredible Tsunami of colors that assaulted my soul.  It was an overdose of beauty that blew me away.  Right there I knew the meaning of  paradise and heaven.   Bees, birds, insects, people, smiles, colors and sweet floral aromas.

I remember praying to God and dreaming that one day I could be blessed with a beautiful garden of my own.

Years later, when I moved in to Chateau Pinacho, I spent hours looking at several nurseries and selecting plants. My first two rose bushes were Joseph Coat and Zephirine Drouhin.


Since then, it has become my obsession, and now I have over 180 different kinds of rose bushes.  A lovely sight, but extraneous job to water this amount of plants in the summer season. In the first years I had to spend 5 hours every other day watering the roses by hand just using a hose.  When my daughter started taking less and less naps, watering the plants become a almost impossible task.

In 2017 I almost lost all my roses due a severe drough in July. I didn’t have choice, but to put an irrigation system through all the flowers bed.

Well, if someone told me 6 years ago that I would have a small rose garden in my back/ front yard, I would not believe back then.   Every morning I look through my kitchen window and smile.

For me, it’s a combination of prayers, blessings, miracles, achievement, gratification and hard work.   The beauty and the peace those flowers give to me, floods my heart with joy.  It’s a pleasure that I can’t get enough of. It’s always developing and getting better and better.

Even though I consider myself a rose collector, I have recently started to open my mind to different kinds of plants and flowers.



Buying the house

I always dreamed of a decent backyard home and, more importantly, give my daughter a place where she could have a childhood.

I grew up in a time where kids would get together outdoors and ride bikes, play volleyball, climb trees, swim and do other outdoor activities.


One day, my husband and I were driving around Hagerstown and we were mesmerized by so many gorgeous homes sitting on big sized lots.

Felt in love with that house at the moment I step in it for the first time

We saw a beautiful house with a for-sale sign in the front yard. It was a beautiful brick Victorian home, with large columns and a pretty large front yard.

I was so excited with the idea of owing a home, that I left the car and knocked at the door. No one answered and i peeked on the window just for a couple seconds.  That little tease through the window was more than enough to make me fall in love with it.


When i started to make my way back to my car, the owner of the house arrived and asked me if she could help.  I explained that i saw the sale sign on her lawn and me and my husband were interested.   She said the house was already under contract but she would gladly walk us through, just in case something happens.


The home was absolutely gorgeous.  Beautiful woodwork throughout the entire house. I don't even remember how many fireplaces, but I know I saw one in every different room.  the basement was finished and it was a completely different house inside the same house. The backyard was big and I started visualizing the type of plants I could have there.  And through the entire house tour, between Wow, Wowzas, Ahhh, Ohhh,  the entire time i was thinking "this is my dream house for sure!"

Two weeks later my husband called the lady and she advised us the house had sold, and my heart sank.


Couple weeks later we were driving around Hagerstown on the same street again, and my mind was blown with so much beauty.  All I could think was "People who live in such houses are so blessed!!"  and my thoughts were frozen  when my husband yelled "Look at that house! And its for sale!"

My eyes glowed while I stared in disbelief.   That house was enchanted. It looked like something we would see in a Disney movie.


I knew in my heart that house was going to be mine. Its hard to explain, but my heart was beating so fast for all my excitement.


I asked my husband to knock at the door and ask the owner if she could give us a tour.  A young man opened the door and in a very polite and friendly way told us to call the broker and provide the bank approval. Needless to say, as soon as my husband was back in the car, he was already calling.

I couldn't sleep until the day of the showing, and i could not sleep until the day of the closing. Sometimes I cant believe I live here.

This place is better than any dream that i have ever had. Its truly a doll house.  Its not a mansion and its not small as an egg. its just perfect. The right size. I love the way the house is designed. Very warm and cozy. Every room is very distinct without being huge or fancy.

Of course, every day I am thankful for the neighbors who bought the other house before us.  My house suits us perfectly, and its so much better than my dream home. In fact i never ever thought i would one day own a house like mine. Now i understand the meaning of home sweet home. God is good!!