A little history:

Our house was built in the 1800s, and one of its early owners was a young railroad industrial tycoon.  He had 5 children and all were born in the house. When the youngest was born, he planted a Magnolia tree to commemorate the event.  That tree is still on the property. 

In the 1940s, the house was sold to a doctor, who made the house into a little hospital.  The laundry room used to be the reception area, and our family room used to be the xray room.  The office was where our dining room is.

Later, the house was chopped into 8 studios and rented to 8 different families.

And the attic was used for ballroom dancing.

Eventually, the last owner before me, a lovely woman, transformed the house back to its 1-family splendor. It took 20 years for she and her husband to convert the home.  A woman with real vision.  She even put a huge in-ground pool in the back.  In 2013 she sold it to us. I am very thankful to Ms. Kathy and to God. 

I love our house!

Not only because it’s Victorian, and a landmark, but also because of its specific history.